A preview of tasty morsels and, oh No ... It's BAAAACKKK!!!

Some more green beans are growing in my garden. These little blooms are a foreshadowing of a side dish to come.
And this pale little strawberry will soon be ruby-red and ripe and juicy -- ready to eat while I am standing right in the garden. (But be careful, the juice will run down your hand and get all over you if you're not careful! These strawberries are NOT white and hard inside, like those in my grocery store.)
The variegated lemons are small but powerful -- a few more months and they will be delicious and ready to pick.


Oh NO!

As I was picking weeds in the pathway, what do I see?

Do you recognize this little leaf?
It's the EVIL Malabar spinach that threatened our very existence with take over last season.

It crawled up the house wall, scaled the garden and tried to come out into the yard. You can check it out on my pulling my hair out post, "Ok, don't laugh!"

It was a heck of a lot of work to keep it from taking over and smothering the rest of the veggies in the garden.

And then I had the epiphany. I would rip it out and feed it to the deer, who were suffering last September from the drought and 40+ days of 100 degrees.

So, here's the deal. We've had about 10 days at 100 already. It's dry as a bone and the drought is STILL going. And the last few days I've seen a yearling doe in the woods looking for bird seed and her waterbowl.

My DH bought a protein block for the deer today.

And now I am thinking I might let that evil Malabar keep growing in the path and use it to feed the deer.

What the heck...

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