Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok, don't laugh!

So, I had a brainstorm.

If you've been following my posts about my veggie garden, you know I have rampant Malabar spinach that is literally taking over my garden and threatens to consume my very house.

While Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil and Robin, of Getting Grounded were here visiting last week and shaking their heads at how it's taking over, we thought perhaps the deer would like to eat it -- instead of my newly-planted Cuphea!

What a great idea~

So, last night my DH helped me haul an armload of long vines full of juicy green leaves out to the edge of our septic field and next to the water bowl I leave out for the deer.  The picture above shows the path that leads into the woods and the septic field (the bright green grass on the hill in the distance).

 And this morning, lo and behold, the vines are strewn about and the leaves have all been eaten off of it!

I know - feeding the deer is precarious, but better this than live plants!  And, besides, it's almost like they are in the garden beside me pulling the vines out to make room for more Fall garden veggies!  (well, not quite!)  It might take me a little longer giving them bunches at a time this way, but hey -- this way, I literally am ... "sharing nature's garden."


nancybond said...

And I'm sure the deer are very appreciative. :)

Annie in Austin said...

The heat and drought made this a rough year for wildlife, Diana - "Let them eat spinach"?

Maybe your contribution can keep the deer alive but they won't feel confident enough to reproduce!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bonnie said...

I hope I can get my malobar spinach to grow! Something is sneaking into my veggie garden and nibbling the shoots.

I'm sure your deer are loving you right now.

getgrounded said...

I'm so glad they enjoyed getting their vitamins and iron! Now they'll be back today, asking for some tomatoes and a lovely vinaigrette to complete their salad course.

Diana said...

Nancy - the deer are regular eaters now! I keep peeking to watch them.

Annie - yes, let them eat spinach!!I don't know, is spinach an aphrodisiac?!!

Bonnie - how's the Malabar? Mine is going to seed and it looks so cool.

Robin - I'm a one-course food bank only!

Lori said...

Heehee. I'm glad the deer liked the otherworldly spinach. If they develop superpowers, we know what to blame!

By the way, thanks for having us over! It was great fun, and I can't wait to get my seeds started. I'm still trying to catch up on everyone's blogs since I got back from WI, but I wanted to let you know that I have some ditch lilies for you if you want them. I brought a whole bunch back to Texas bare-root in my luggage and potted them up a few days ago, and they're looking pretty happy so far. :)

Diana said...

Lori - oooh - ditch lilies - yeah! Thank you so much - what a treat. I am always admiring them and wishing I had some. Glad you had a good time, Yes, the deer are chowing down on my spinach, which is all about to go to seed and looks really cool. I'll email you about the lilies!