Ok, don't laugh!

So, I had a brainstorm.

If you've been following my posts about my veggie garden, you know I have rampant Malabar spinach that is literally taking over my garden and threatens to consume my very house.

While Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil and Robin, of Getting Grounded were here visiting last week and shaking their heads at how it's taking over, we thought perhaps the deer would like to eat it -- instead of my newly-planted Cuphea!

What a great idea~

So, last night my DH helped me haul an armload of long vines full of juicy green leaves out to the edge of our septic field and next to the water bowl I leave out for the deer.  The picture above shows the path that leads into the woods and the septic field (the bright green grass on the hill in the distance).

 And this morning, lo and behold, the vines are strewn about and the leaves have all been eaten off of it!

I know - feeding the deer is precarious, but better this than live plants!  And, besides, it's almost like they are in the garden beside me pulling the vines out to make room for more Fall garden veggies!  (well, not quite!)  It might take me a little longer giving them bunches at a time this way, but hey -- this way, I literally am ... "sharing nature's garden."

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