Gorgeous gardens dominate 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling in Minneapolis

I just returned from a wonderful 5 days at the annual Garden Bloggers Fling, held this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was a long weekend filled with good friends, good food and gorgeous gardens.  It's always so fun to spend time with long-time friends, some of whom came to the very first Fling in Austin, and to meet new Flingers and get to know them.

Our first stop was the Eloise Butler Wildlife Garden and Bird Sanctuary.  The garden includes 500 different plant species and more than 130 bird species.

It was a cool morning -- which felt like heaven to this Texas girl who left behind temps in the 100s in Austin.  We began walking through the most amazing wildflower prairie, walking through narrow paths with beautiful blooms up to my waist and higher.  We brushed by many plants I knew, and many that I didn't.  Peaceful, serene and natural, the garden provided the perfect start our day.

I didn't many photos in this garden, as I focused on being in the moment, truly able to reach out and touch the garden with every step.

These were some of my favorite blooms in the garden.

See how high the wildflowers were?

This is just a short, teaser post. Many more are percolating in my head, so check back soon!

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