Plenty of birdhouses for nesting birds

This year we have three bird nests that I know of.

But there could be many more in the garden where birds are sneaking in and out and hiding from me.

But even with all these beautiful and inviting homes, the swallows are nesting under the tall rock front porch ceiling again. Mama wren is nesting in the sombrero hanging in the garage -- shown in my previous post here.

I'm always nervous about cleaning the houses out because the experts at Wild Birds Unlimited tell me that birds can be nesting in them at any time of the year.

This one was a gift from my parents for Christmas.
This one is in the front walkway bed on a stick so it's the least likely to have inhabitants.
My converted gourd has seen better days -- but it was too cute when I first got it (especially since I didn't have to hollow out the gourd myself!)
Ok, this isn't a birdhouse, but it is a butterfly house and it's cute, so it made this cut.
This is for the particularly patriotic birds.
And this is the townhouse the Titmice are squatting in right now.
Not sure if there is anyone in this one -- but it's probably my favorite.

Might be a little loud for the birds!

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