Am I blue?

Nope. I'm not blue.

But my pretty new pottery is.

And my new Mountain Yucca is as well.

You know how sometimes you do something with a space and then stop, but feel like it still needs a little "something-something?"

That's how I've felt about the day lily bed. It's a small space with limitations (access to the air conditioner and the breakfast room windows).

But it felt hollow in the middle. Probably because there was a big hole there!

Sitting at breakfast this weekend it occurred to me that a big 'ol blue pot with a big 'ol blue agave would look right nice in there.

And it does!

I made a quick run today to The Natural Gardener, where I knew I could find both items (and a whole lot more) and came home happy.

So, am I blue? Nope.

I'm tickled pink!

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