Why I garden...

I was trying to think of a nice gift for the office staff where I volunteer weekly at Kallie's school. Knowing they get more Starbucks cards and candles than they can shake a stick at, I turned to my garden.

Isn't that why I planted a cutting garden? To bring some of the beautiful, nature of the garden inside.

So I picked as many flowers as I had time to find and made these three jelly jars to give them. I filled them with roses, daisies, larkspur, lantana, Mexican oregano, wine cup, marigolds, and cosmos.

Not being the gardening type, they were amazed that all these different flowers had come from my garden and were so appreciative of the gesture.

That really is why I garden -- so I can share some of the beauty and tastiness with my friends and family. And that's why I decided to call my blog "Sharing Nature's Garden."

And now, I'm sharing it with you!