I'm tired of sharing, ok?

I'm just sayin'.

I like butterflies and moths as much as the next guy. I have planted a garden full of butterfly, bird and bee-friendly plants.
And now I am paying the price! The top photo used to a be a beautiful purple Datura, blooming just a few nights ago. Then one morning, Poof!

All gone.

Then there are the tomato hornworms that are making a stalk-y mess of my tomatoes. I am picking them off daily and just moving them elsewhere now.
All my veggies are under attack, as are many perennials throughout the garden. These are radishes being eaten alive.
My parsley is devoid of foliage, but full of swallowtail caterpillars and their remnants.
Someone likes the ruhbarb, too, though I haven't harvested any for ME yet!
And the swiss chard must also be tasty to the caterpillars because it is full of holes, too.
Out in the rest of the garden, the cannas and the variegated shell ginger are being assaulted. I pruned some mangled canna leaves and found fuzzy white moth caterpillars on them -- but I couldn't determine which moths they will become. I relocated them and their leaves to the woods, too. Boy did those little buggers move fast! They knew I had a hold of their leaves and they were running for their lives, but I let them be...just somewhere ELSE!

I didn't take pictures of the Moy Grande Hibiscus with little holes all over it from beetles or the Missouri Violets, Coneflowers and Silver Ponyfoot being eaten by the little baby bucks.

Sharing schmaring!

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