Sweet Garden Surprise

I've been wondering if my irises were going to put on a show for me this year.

Last year, none of them bloomed.

At all.

I had planted several different varieties in an effort to create the beginnings of an iris bed.

My first irises were a mystery. It took me lots of searching and some blogging queries to determine that this is a Louisiana iris named Professor Neil.

I'm afraid I didn't get the full range of color with my camera. It was a little too hot already and when I realized the photo was lacking, I went to shoot another, but today it's gone already.

I am so excited to see that glorious dusty burgundy color with the wheaty-gold. They are so rich and unusual.

There is another bud in the iris bed. It's a very different kind -- I think it might be either a Lace or Ocelot iris that I ordered and planted in 2008.

It's like Christmas in May!

A surprise around every corner -- after last year's iris-bloom drought, I'm enjoying every one of them.

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