Signs of Spring keep popping out...

Yesterday I was moping about in the yard, looking at the dormant grass, scraggly rock path plants with lots of dead foliage, and the dead or dormant variegated shell ginger.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear -- but blooms on my Mexican Plum tree. Lo and behold, it is emerging from it's long winter's nap.
One of the handful of bulbs I planted last month (long-neglected and unplanted in a pot in the garage) bloomed today. Can you please ID this for me? I have no idead what this little pretty blossom is.
While not as far along, these are the little buds on my little peach tree that never produces any peaches. I keep saying I am going to rip it out, but then it buds out and I take pity on it and leave it there for another miserable year with two marble-sized and sadly-diseased stones that are supposed to be peaches! It looks like it holds promise, doesn't it? (Don't be fooled!)

Spring may be on its way, yet.

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