Revitalizing Rain

After our recent slow, soaking rain, I heard my plants in the garden give a collective sigh of relief.

Then the sun came out and several sad little specimens started lifting their frazzled foliage upward - reaching for the warmth radiating once again onto their little world.

Many things are very dormant. Some: dead-dormant. And most of the plants, while salvageable, are still sad. But the Aralia, above, once bowed over and brown, perked up again and was very pleased to be sporting some ravishing raindrops.
The teensy Bluebonnet plants are all still alive and beginning to grow again.
Many daffodil bulbs are popping up around various beds.
My Hellebores are a little worse for the wear, but they do have some fresh, new leaves. I can't wait for the first blooms. Three of my 4 plants are new from last year and have never bloomed for me so I'm eager to see what they look like.
These darling little Hyacinths were a totally surprise when I happened upon them today. Forgot I'd planted them!
Who knows who this guy is! But he's on the fast-track up.

This Autumn Joy Sedum survived all the cold - 18 and lower, without anything more than a few yellow leaves. And it's blooming. Wow.
Then you turn around, and on the other hand...

Need I say more? Sigh...

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