What they're there for!

So, I made a little bed for a cutting garden last fall. In it went a Carefree Beauty (Katy Road) Rose, Indigo Spires, Cosmos, Zinnias, Daisies, Bachelor's Buttons, Larkspur, Lion's Tail, Gladiolas, Bluebonnets, Lamb's Ears, Lilies, Clematis, Morning Glories and a variegated Agave Americana. A few of the seeds didn't come up, like the Daisies, but most did, in various states of growth and fullness. But in my desire to have a pretty bed, I've been hesitant to cut flowers!

Today, with the ominous winds whipping about and a storm forecast, I thought, I should bring a few of these in to enjoy them before they get beaten about.

So I did.

And, for my Day #4 of the 29-Day Giving Challenge, I took a bunch to a good friend. (You can click on the 29-Day link to the right to learn more about this cool movement.)

I'm so glad I brought them in for me, and so glad I shared some, too. Garden happiness indoors tonight.

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