Vines of all kinds ...

The cooler nights are starting to affect the vines, so I thought I'd get a few more pictures before they fade away for the season.

I need to go harvest those Coneflower seeds just to the right of this morning glory.
Can you tell I love blue and purple vines?
This mandavilla is so happy here. Too bad it won't come back after winter.
These scraggly guys are behind the fence.
This Cypress Vine will have to be cut back with a machete when it dies for the winter!

This Tangerine Beauty Crossvine is so not supposed to be blooming now! It's an early Spring bloomer. I think it's blooming because it's just so happy that the heat has finally abated and we've gotten a little rare rain.
This Purple Hyacinth Bean vine is loving the rain - it's been a sindly stalk all summer and now it's bursting with blooms and beans.

What's your favorite vine?

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