More of the wet stuff!

Wow. Rain, twice in three days.

It's a beautiful thing. Literally.

Not much today, just .12, but every drop helps when it's this dry.

And it's amazing how everything really is relative. The littlest bit of rain can make me so happy. I know the plants are so glad to get even a little wet, with the "real" thing instead of chemically-treated city water.

We opened the blinds and watched it while my daughter and I were eating dinner and talked about how happy the deer and the birds and the plants would be.

And here's the official proof. I'm such a weather geek. I love measuring it.

And yes, I left these somewhere where they got rained on. Who knew it would rain? So, this is kinda like the "don't tell anyone I let my vegetables get too big thing." (So, don't tell anyone I did this...again.)

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