Help - Calling all Veggie gardeners...

Help. Please.

I have 7 mature, healthy tomato plants...

Well, some of them are healthy. But one bed - 4 plants up to 10 feet tall and amazing -- is infested with leaf footed bugs. I have sprayed insecticidal soap and Neem oil on them about 3 times. I have killed a bunch of them.

This morning I have spent HOURS cutting away the dead foliage and squashing bugs by hand and spraying and stomping on them. I am on a rampage.

But I am afraid I cannot possibly get them all ... and I don't think the Neem really stops their growth.

I am considering cutting them back by 1/2, trying to keep attacking them for about a week, and then, if they are still everywhere - I will rip (GASP) them out, and plant new ones. The time to plant fall tomatoes in Central Texas is right now, so I can't wait too long.

Sad thing is these are my babies grown from see in the greenhouse and they have many blooms and it's gonna make me cry to pull them out.

Have you got a leaf footed bug killing secret weapon?

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