Be careful what you wish for...

With 65 days of temperatures over 100 degrees and a disaster-level drought, we have been wishing and praying and yes, dancing, for rain.

We got it.

Imagine my surprise when I went to put out the trash last night at 7:15 and it started to sprinkle...then rain...then blow. I got inside just as walls of water began coming down sideways.

Moments earlier, the umbrella in the photo above was upright. It was really scary as I watched chairs and tables scoot and fly in the back yard. And then the lights went out!

Thanks goodness I am a candle fanatic. I'd planned on going to bed early to keep adjusting to the new school-year schedule, but with no light and no air conditioning, there wasn't much else to do. I did discover that my iphone makes a great flashlight, though.

Things are back to normal this morning. The power was restored around midnight and the air came back on.

And we got .24 inches of rain.


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