More Disney doings!

Say what you will.

Say it's hot, the lines are long, the people are pushy and your feet hurt.

But this is the magic of Disney and it truly is magical. Walt Disney was a visionary, and the grander-than-life tradition he started so many years ago lives on today.

In spite of crowds and lines, there are an amazing number of people entertained and fed and taken care of here every day. And everything is clean and the cast members are friendly. In 6 days, all the restrooms have even been clean.

And their innovation is astounding. The concept of fast-pass for coming back to a ride at a designated time to avoid long lines is great. And they created their own web-based application that uses Disney proprietary technology to transmit digital photos in real time so Disney goers can view or order photos taken throughout the parks almost instantly.
Ok - I'm a sucker for topiary -- even if it isn't real (which I'm sure it's not!).
And look, more Agapanthus -- one of my favorites as you know!

Early in the day before we've melted. Today we shopped in the morning at Dowtown Disney and Kallie went to the Bibbity Boppity Boutique to get her hair done and to get a tiara and some sparkles and a sash!
Here she is, walking the Lego dogs!

And I just had to share this one -- this is one of our most common sights!