How GREEN are you? Take this test & win a prize!

Happy Earth Day!

I hope you are enjoying this great day and that your weather let you be outside today.

It was 94 F here today.

No kidding. 94.

Is is summer? Did I miss something? Oh, no -- it's TEXAS!

In honor of Earth Day, I have a contest for you. This is what is turning into my annual "Shades of Green" post -- honoring the green in our gardens instead of the blooms for just one day of the year.

If you can name all these plants (common names are just fine) or you get the most correct if no one names them all, I will send you "The Gardener's Bedside Reader."

This is a wonderful book with a collection of stories and essays, illustrated with vintage advertisements and garden memorabilia, botanical drawings and stunning color photography.

So, take a shot at it and let's see how green you're feeling this Earth Day!

This contest will close at midnight CST on Wednesday, April 29th, one week from today.

Good luck!

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