Sweet things to come ...

Wow. My Wisteria is gearing up for a big bloom up on the back fence. This is the most advanced of the blooms, coming onto the fuzzy buds that cover the branches today.

She's intermingling with the Crossvine on the other side of the back fence. This is the first open bloom on that side, and there are thousands of little buds just waiting ... waiting for RAIN.

Which we did NOT get today.

In spite of being promised rain. (well, technically not promised, but I foolishly hung my hat on the 30% chance in the forecast. I guess I only hear what I want to hear!)

This Euryops Daisy is very happy with our spring-like weather, and has burst into bloom.
And here are all the big plants in their new, albeit temporary, corner of the patio. I still have about 1/2 of the smaller plants inside the greenhouse and am bringing those out a few at a time.

And now the forecast for next week includes a 37-degree night.


But I also know if I had left everyone in the greenhouse the forecast would have been for 91 degrees like it was last week.

[I know, I'm NOT in charge!]

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