Seed starting survey ...


This is my seed skeleton!  No, seriously, this is the sizable stack of seed sachets, some opened, some closed, but all ... well ... old.

So, thus my subsequent long do seeds keep?  I've done trial and error before, and since I am inherently seed-challenged, I'd rather improve my odds by using only those MOST likely to actually sprout.  

** Share your expertise with me, my blogging friends -- should I toss or keep my seeds?

** Is there a difference in the staying power of wildflower, vegetable or flower seeds?

Isn't this cute?  I give inspirational credit to Frances of Faire Garden, Annie of The Transplantable Rose  and Carol of May Dreams Gardens for all their little garden fairy references.

So, I took my 5-year old by the hand on Saturday and we went into the woods to collect little rocks to build a fairy house in our garden.  This is our little house, complete with rock door.  We'll keep adding to it as we're inspired.  Guess we should name it, too...
And, here, she is -- speaking of the Fairy House-builder!  Going haunting as a puppy with her Daddy, who was a mailman with torn pants!  Their costumes were so easy to make and I loved that she didn't want to be anyone or thing that was commercial or required a crown!

I leave you with one final Fall image -- this beautiful, lush mum that I bought for decoration for our neighborhood Halloween Potluck for 45 at our house Friday night.

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