Seeds and berries....

Sometimes I have lots of blog fodder. Weeds, pests, diseases and drought give me lots to whine about!

But, seriously, I got today's idea when I was reading Mr. McGregor's Daughter's blog a few days ago. Her post was filled with beautiful berries, a sign of Fall in the Midwest.

She suggested we all post about our berries, so, voila, here is a peek at my measly berries.

These are the berries on our lantana, after it's done blooming for the long summer season.
There are berries galore on this Yaupon Holly Tree.  If we get a little cooler weather, they will soon turn a beautiful red to entice the birds.
These are berries on my White Duranta tree.
And that's one lone berry on my Purple Duranta.  This plant is still too full of blooms to be putting out seeds yet, but in a few weeks it will be covered in these cute little golden balls.

Thanks, Mr.McGregor's Daughter, for a nice post idea!