More Flinging! Post #2

After our lovely tour of the Wildflower Center, we headed to lunch and sat silently as Tom Spencer inspired us with his insight about the sanctuary of our gardens and the bonds we all share.

Then we trekked over to the Natural Gardener for some eye candy that included amazing plants and garden do-dads, and an amazing vegetable garden, herb garden, labyrinth, butterfly garden, chickens and donkeys. I know the Flingers who drove were happy to be able to squirrel away something in their cars and those who flew were wondering just what would get confiscated if they tried to sneak something home in their luggage!

This is the beautiful herb garden.

Sorrel and a lovely yellow poppy.

Spineless cactus.

Then we sped over to the David/Peese garden paradise which truly is indescribable.

A little posing for the shutterbug!
Bloggers scatter to find beautiful garden treasures.
For people who write so much, we sure were good at talking this weekend.
A stunning red maple understory tree.

An amazing water feature -- we all agreed we could have sat and looked at this all day.

See the goldfish looking back at us?

This is the long shot down the steps to that particular water feature.

Looking up the steps from the water feature.

Top of the steps and the back of the house.

Don't ask me what happened with my centering and justifying, I'm just glad I got the photos and the commentary on my blog.

I hope this helped you feel like you were here. We thought of you - and wish you could have joined us. Maybe next time! We were all in agreement when it was over that we'd love to make it an annual event. What do you think? Are you up for an annual Garden Bloggers Retreat somewhere?