No, I'm not writing about ketchup. The most exciting thing, after the long wait of winter, is finally seeing mini green shoots and sprouts, peeking out from mulch and dead leaves.

I'm all aquiver with the anticipation of plants yet to come, so I thought I'd share my eagerness with you. (Unfortunately, they just plain don't photograph as well as blooms and full-grown plants!)

Ok, this isn't really a test, but if you don't scroll all the way to the bottom of the pictures, you can guess what's peeking out, looking for Spring! Tell me how many you get right!

'Victoria Blue' Mealy Cup blue sage (Salvia farinacea)
Un-identified lilies -- I'll post about these later when they
are blooming, because I need help to name them.
They are my red mystery lilies that aren't Oxbloods.
'Gold Star' Esperanza (Tecoma Stans)
Appropriately, Esperanza means "hope" in Spanish.

'Trailing lavender' lantana (Lantana montevidensis)
An unidentified wildflower in the ditch on our dog-walk!
'New Gold' yellow lantana (Lantana camara)
'Black and Blue' Salvia (Salvia guaranitica)
Coreopsis of some sort, I think!

Did you guess any of them? (I know - a few baby leaves isn't much to go on! And I can't even name them all and I planted them ; )

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