Hibernating in the Hill Country

Boy, are we wusses down here. (At least I am - I'll just speak for myself.) The temperature dropped all day today - it's supposed to be 33 tonight. It's been raining and up to 25 mph winds. Just plain miserable if you ask me, but we did get 3/10 of an inch of rain, so that's good.

The only place I went today after taking my daughter to school was an underground parking garage so I wouldn't have to brave the elements. Hard to believe that I survived 4 winters in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area!

So, since we are still not quite past the point of freeze danger, my garage is still full o'plants. I miss the greenhouse from our previous house enough this year that I think we'll put one in here next Fall. But, for now, my greenhouse is the garage with space heaters and a nice window for light. Here's the tour!
My Duranta pruned to be a tree is sprouting new leaves.
(This is the mystery plant that MSS @
Zanthan Gardens helped me identify.)
The new thornless Mexican lime tree that I bought on Tuesday!
A cluster of half-dead or dormant pots and the Boston Fern
that Mom and Dad gave me for my birthday for Artemis' head!
A budding Plumeria stalk!
Hmmmmm...this is one of those unusual/exotic specimen plants that
I always buy at the Austin Zilker Garden Fest and can't remember the name of!
Anyone wanna guess?
Little annuals for window boxes and a Red Maple waiting for permanent homes
...and my fabulous Little Red Wagon that I couldn't live without!