Dead of winter

So, here's what winter looks like in Austin, Texas in January. No snow ... no beautiful icicles dangling delicately from the pines. Just dry, brown, hibernating perennials waiting for a few short weeks to begin bursting forth again.

I took a long blog-hiatus (sorry, I should have just said so in early December!) and took a much-needed break from gardening for a while. But now, the days are in the mid-60s and the sun is shining and I am thinking about ... yes, you're hearing it right, pruning! We'll see - I have a long list of non-gardening things to do -- but I also have a *"plan"* for fencing off the vegetable garden to keep out the pests (especially my two adopted "pests" -- otherwise know as "PETS!" I'm envisioning an arbor to go over the gate!

Look for more posts soon, including details about the Austin Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling in April.