Now I'm wishing for rain!

I was so hoping for some rain yesterday or today, but it was not meant to be at our house. Makes me kick myself for all my compaining about the rain earlier in the summer. Things are getting kind of dry and I've had to resort to watering since I have tender new plants that need a drink.

The Fall plant sale at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center was delightful last week. I bought several things, as much as I could carry since I foolishly forgot my wagon. (and my trunk was also full of plastic pots to donate, anyway.)

My favorite find was a gallon-sized Maximillian sunflower - they are the tall, sturdy stalks with multiple sunflower blooms climbing up them that we're seeing on the side of the road everywhere right now. There were several gigantic ones at the Center and I just had to have one of my own.