Well, here are some beans that seem to be very happy -- today. But we are leaving tomorrow for Indiana for 10 days -- I'm not sure how happy they will be when we return. I have a good friend who has promised to water all my babies and keep an eye on things, but in this heat, it really is a lot of work to get it all done every day. For me, it's a labor of love (most of the time!) but for someone else, it's just another chore. My parents will come pick the ripening tomatoes and cukes, so I hope someone will be enjoying the ongoing harvest.

I'll post some from Indiana -- have some Austin things I still want to share and will post for bloom day, and I might send some sights from the State Fair and the farm. It's so different there - I love staring at peoples' gardens as we drive by, amazed at all the different plants they are able to grow in a very different climate.

Ciao for now~