The scent of a garden...

I was walking up to our front door this morning when I was literally stopped in my tracks by a lovely, perfume-like  scent.  I looked all around me, examining the plants on both sides of the path. Hmmmm...Mexican oregano, nope - that has a sharp, herbal scent, and usually only when touched. Not the iris, not the 'purple pastel' salvia, the purple skullcap, the Zexmenia, or the black scallop ajuga.  What was it?
So, then I expanded my search and saw the Magnolia 'little gem' magnolia far out in the middle of the yard.  Sure enough, a large white bloom stared back at me.
And then I spied another, and another.  I stood there for a while and absorbed the luscious scent.
Unlike many of the blooms in my garden, which are small and delicate, the magnolia bloom is bold and beautiful, it's creamy white petals like intricate porcelain saucers.
Since there are many of them on the tree, I plan to bring one bloom inside to float in a glass bowl and infuse the house with its heady perfume.  Nature's potourri, there's nothing better.

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