Propagating new plants for a new year...

Before we get our first official freeze here in Central Texas, I went wandering through the garden and gathered up a box of cuttings from some of my favorite annual plants and then spent a few hours in the greenhouse.
I got my tools and materials together and set about prepping the cuttings, trimming leaves, making long, clean cuts and giving everyone a dip into the rooting hormone.
Nice and toasty warm, with plenty of humidity and a controlled temperature, the cuttings should grow happily in the greenhouse over the next few months of winter.
When spring arrives, I'll enjoy having some great little starter plants to replace the annuals I lost through the winter, or to expand planting of some of my favorites.
Can you tell what I planted?
Some plants are easier to identify than others.
This one is an easy ID, but also one of my faves.
Now let's see if I can keep them all alive all winter.  Fingers crossed!

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