Fruit trees in the garden bearing fruit after recent rains...

A tour through the garden this week, after several significant recent rains, has me smiling.  Several of our trees are bearing fruit, thanks to a change of seasons and the end the our drought status.
The Texas ever-bearing fig tree we planted this spring is perking up after the summer and producing a second crop of fruit.  I can't wait to taste them, as those from the spring were stressed by the transplant and heat.
It's a lovely little tree, but I have had to put up a fence to keep Dakota, the fruit-vegetable-bulb-grub-eating dog away from it.
The pineapple guava is getting to be quite large for its spot and when it's done fruiting, I will do some more pruning on it.  I'd like it to be a little less multi-trunked so we can see the structural nature of the tree.
Dakota had eaten some of the guavas, but there are going to be enough for us as I'm keeping a closer eye on her!
The pomegranate tree is absolutely full of fruit.  The birds and squirrels often get into these, and I usually leave some on the tree to split open and give them a treat.  I'm going to try some different ways for us to enjoy the arils this year.  They're so good for you -- their health benefits include helping to fight heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol. They have also been shown to help inhibit breast, prostate and colon cancer. We have many more than we could possibly eat, so I'll be sharing.  If you're in Austin, let me know if you'd like to come get some -- they're not quite ready yet, but it won't be long now.  Just post a comment if you're interested in coming to get some.
There is no fruit on the loquat, but it's blooming all over, so that's a promising sign for future production.  Except that this fruit tree sits next to the Pom, so the squirrels usually have a field day with the loquats because they are much less work to eat.  I'll have to be the early bird to get this fruit.

What's fruiting in your garden?

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