Great garden color combos to perk up the fall garden...

A big package from Plant Delights made me squeal with delight yesterday.  Because I already had two flats of small plants for containers and the garden waiting impatiently in the garage, I vowed to spend the time to get these right into the ground.  

As I considered where to put them -- they are additions to collections I've already started -- I thought I would just mix them in with the existing varieties.  The order included 3 heucherella 'Solar Eclipse,' and 2 hellebores -- 'Berry Swirl' and 'Golden Lotus' -- and 1 sprekelia (red - so going elsewhere).  And, sitting in my garage for two weeks - 2 'Tutti Frutti' shrimp plants.  

Hmmmm. chartreuse and burgundy and cranberry and yellow -- that looks like a fabulous combination.  So, I looked for a spot to place them all together and found a corner with 1 existing 'Tutti Frutti' and plenty of room.

Oh, and see my new shovel?  It's the first time I've used it -- it has a nice flat bar to step on and provide more power and stability and has a nice handle that makes it easier to press down on it and put some oomph into it.  Especially great for me, with tendonitis in my arms and an occasionally cranky back.
It was much easier to use and it's a little smaller than a standard shovel - just my size. I found it at Red Barn Garden Center up north when I was up shopping for a client the other day.

It was getting dark when I finished, so this isn't the best photo of it all done.
Now, Central Texas is flooding, the rain is about to come into my garage and I expect my plants to swim by at any moment.  So much for getting them in before a nice rain!

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