Magical mulch transforms the garden...

I love spring.  I love the first bulbs, buds and beautiful colors that emerge in the landscape.

Once pruning is done, new plants are planted and the garden is basically on its way,  I'm ready for the next color in the garden -- brown.

That's right.  Not dead brown, but bright, organic great-smelling mulch brown.  Native Texas hardwood much is my favorite.  It helps protect the plants from the heat and the cold, and it helps keep precious moisture in during the drought.

And it is another color in the garden -- it provides a great deal of the contrast we want in our landscapes.

And there's nothing like walking through the garden and reaching down to brush some of that fluffy, fresh mulch off a few leaves.

I think we're over 9 yards now.  They had to go get another truck load of it, so I'm not sure what the final total was.

All the plants are happy, as is this gardener!

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