Adding dimension and bones to the winter garden...

Now is a great time to plan for NEXT winter's garden.   When the blooms and the perennials have come and gone, what's left in your garden?  With many of the plants dormant, you can truly see the bones of your landscape and assess your needs.

Is there a wall of green -- several sets of medium-leafed glossy green shrubs that all blend into one another?  Does your garden lack definition?

Now is the perfect time to think about what you can add to the garden this spring that will give you depth and texture and form when you look out of  your window next winter.  Below, you'll find some ideas and tips to help make your garden great to look at when next winter comes around.


I'm planning what I will add to my garden tonight.  We're under and winter weather advisory and I have the fireplace on and I'm thinking about all the ideas I shared on the show today ... off I go to find pen and paper and a cup of hot tea.  Happy planning...

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