Hill country garden charm in the heart of San Antonio...

The last stop on our visit to San Antonio gardens was another xeric garden, filled with drought-tolerant plants, both soft and sculptural. You can come along on the first two gardens of tour with me to see Melody's and Heather's gardens here.

Then we toured the garden of Shirley, who blogs at  Rock, Oak, Deer.  I 'd seen Shirley's garden through her camera lens many times, yet when we arrived, I was surprised to find that she wasn't gardening in the country, but in a suburban neighborhood.  Her style and plant choices created an oasis that made the rest of the world seem far away.
Well-placed plants serve to let the grasses and yuccas and perennials all shine.
Shirley uses repetition in her garden to create a dramatic effect.
Definition draws the eye through the space.
In the back yard, the focus is on perennials and grasses.  Her rustic shed with its cedar posts and porch make you feel like you've stepped back in time.  The arbor on the right is the entry for a deer-proof fence, protecting delicate plants and vegetables from the curious and hungry deer.
Leading to the shed, this circle garden is filled to the brim with flowing perennials and grasses.
Her unique rock garden design is home to a lovely collection of yuccas, cacti and agaves.
Rustic art and pots are scattered about to add interest throughout the garden.
The river rock path guides you around the plant-filled stock tank and circle garden to the shed.

Garden art on a rustic table is tucked away in the shade.
Whimsical elements make true garden art from a simple grapevine.
A collection of sweet somethings brighten up the front of the shed.
Because deer are frequent guests to the back yard, extra protection for new or special plants is a must. This rough cedar fence fits right into the landscape.
Up on the the large, shady deck, succulent planters adorn the windowsills.
All around the deck, pots and paraphernalia bring color to the shady spots.
Even the outdoor fireplace boasts a collection of perky little pots.
Since we've toured Austin gardens often with Shirley, it was a special treat to wander through her garden with her.  The entire garden was intentional and peaceful.  She's clearly mastered the art of gardening with the rocks, oaks and deer that she writes about.  Special thanks to Shirley and her husband for hosting us in your garden.

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