Mellow and not so mellow yellow in my garden....

If you asked me about my favorite colors in the garden, I'd say: purple, lavender, blue, orange, yellow...and trail off about then.  I posted this a few months ago and forgot about it -- here are the names of all the yellow fellows in my garden:

Lantana Horrida
Lantana New Gold
Lantana confetti
Cuban buttercup
Candlestick tree
Jerusalem sage
St. John's wort
Bright edge yucca
Lemon Mallow
Gopher plant

I wouldn't even put yellow in my top 3.  And yet, as I look around my garden, it's yellow that I see everywhere.  It's a major element in many of my beds, but it's gotten there without serious thought to including it.

Let's face it, there are many plants with yellow blooms that love our hot sun and dry days.  So it's always easy to find something yellow to add to a vignette.

And as I count the yellow bloomers in my landscape, I smile.  Yellow makes me happy.  That must be why I am surrounded by it.  Subliminal intention.

As I was writing this post, I began typing the plant names, and then thought - why now make a contest out of it?  Let's see how many of these perky plants you can ID!  I'll edit the post when the guessing is done and post all the names.

Ready, set, go!