Seed-sowing season starts soon!

On my fabulous trip to Paris to visit my cousin this summer, I didn't get to Giverny, Monet's inspirational garden.  While in Paris I enjoyed the impressionist exhibit at the D'Orsay museum, which included many Monets, Manets, Pissaros, and Sisleys, among others.  The amazing ability of these painters to bring the canvas to life leaves me awestruck. I feel as though I already know Monet's  garden. (Don't tell, but I actually have 5 Monet/impressionist coffee table books - my most recent chronicling the D'Orsay exhibit.)
So, when one of my bff's went to Paris a few weeks ago, she kept my in mind as she toured Giverny.  Yesterday she presented me with a gift from her trip -- two beautifully packaged sets of seeds from plants growing in the garden there.  What a special gift and I'm so excited to plant some of these seeds in my own garden. 

Thank you, Maria, for your sweet and thoughtful gift.  I hope I can bring you a bouquet from these flowers come springtime.

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