Cistus nursery delights gardeners at Portland Fling...

Our third stop on the first day of the Portland Garden Bloggers Fling was Cistus Nursery.  Coming from the Lan Su Chinese Garden, which was serene and peaceful, Cistus provided a bold contrast -- it was chock full of plants - a sensory explosion for plant lovers.

There were many familiar plants at the nursery, like these Yucca rostrata, which grow happily at home in Austin, Texas.
 I did say chock full, didn't I?
 But some of the Cistus family were uninterested in visiting bloggers.
"Yeah, I see you, but it's hot and it feels good here on these cold bricks, so I hope  you don't mind if I don't get up to greet you!"
 Oh, so true!  It should have said, "gaggle of plant nerds!"
 I'm smitten with interesting tree bark and there were several great trees to photograph.

 Love these Eryngium -- their dramatic spiky blooms provide unique texture in any garden bed.

 Dramatic grasses billowed in the breeze.
While it was easy to become engrossed in the plants on the ground and the tables, the impressive views extended to some of the majestic trees that love the Pacific Northwest.
There were many different species of Eucomis in the gardens and nurseries in Portland.  I've been  babying one in my own garden at home for some time.  Forced to suffer the scorching heat and the periodic nibbling deer, it is tough as nails.  Hmmmm.... and thus began the idea of taking another one home with me...
I saw this plant all over the Portland gardens -- Melianthus major.  Big, bold, textured and tough, it really caught my eye.  I took several photos of it, fully intent on finding one for my garden at home.  But after some research yesterday, I've decided it might be too invasive in my garden...but maybe I can keep one in a pot!

 Another favorite in my garden, Euphorbia.
 Flingers in search of treasure.
 More interesting bark.
And these crocosmia were everywhere.  Their beautiful strappy leaves combined with vibrant blooms add a real pop to any garden setting.

 More amazing Erygnium.
 Reaching for the sun.
Being a salvia collector, I'm going to have to try to find one of these in Austin for my garden -- Salvia guar. 'Argentine skies.'

Even the growing heat couldn't keep us from fanning out across the nursery in search of garden goodies.  Some bloggers left with plants.  I left with something almost as good -- ideas!

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