Bloom Day showcases late summer blooms in the garden...

Even though the thermometer hit 97 today, summer is beginning to wane here in Central Texas for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Carol of May Dreams Gardens invites us to share what's blooming in our gardens on the 15th of each month, so here's a stroll through my landscape.

Some of the heat-loving perennials are on their second set of blooms this summer.  Plants like lantana, salvia, sage, are putting on a dog days show while the sun is still high in the sky.

I recently made a return trip to the Arbor Gate Nursery in Tomball to collect some of their wonderful garden art.  I came home with two ceramic fish and two blue/green glass ribbons to add to the one I bought on my original visit. Now I need to plant just the right things to create an appropriate vignette for them to "swim" around in.  But I had to put them in the garden somewhere until then, so here they are.
I also ordered some clever pieces online -- these three faucet flowers are guaranteed to be ever-blooming varieties!
 The seem to feel right at home with the blooming Turk's cap.
These monstrous salvias that are dwarfing the fully mature bright edge yucca are Amistad salvias that I transplanted last fall after they were under performing in another spot with too much sun. Here they get morning sun and evening sun and they seem to be thrilled with the switch.  Had I known they would get THAT happy, I'd have found them a spot further back in the bed!
One little surviving bat-faced cuphea.  I planted them amongst many other things that are deer resistant, hoping to hide them.  But alas, the deer are smarter than I am, and I almost never get to see an actual bloom before it becomes a snack.
This curve around the bend of the front bed is lined with society garlic - something the deer never eat!

These Salvia leucantha, or Mexican bush sage, love the hot, dry sun of late summer here in Central Texas.

 The society garlic border confetti lantana and one of my bird baths.
A few new additions to the front walkway bed this year, the foxtail ferns and zinnias have done well.  But the rock rose in the upper left corner has been rudely stripped of its pretty pink blooms by you-know-who.
The front bed, or the Hideous Bed, as we call it, is definitely not hideous.  These plants thrive in hot, dry conditions so they can take it here.  But last weekend's rain did help them with an extra boost. Here you see thryallis, santolina, a variegated yucca and homestead verbena.
And a different angle that also includes damianita and a salvia greggii.
To the right of these photos is a swath of blackfoot daisies -- they're natives that grow in rocky outcroppings of the Hill Country.
Across the drive is another dry bed that enjoys a little shade.  Here is new gold lantana, salvia greggii, a sago palm, and in the pot -- a variegated false agave.
Stunning liatris is a riot of lavender color. 
Large pots in the back by the pool have orange narrow-leaf zinnias and potato vine.
 ...And homestead verbena.
The Duranta erecta (lavender color) is full of blooms - below - and fruit -- above.  Though all parts of the plant are poisonous, so don't be tempted to eat the fruit.
 I have 3 different colors of Duranta - this one, the deep purple 'sapphire showers' and a white one.
This pitcher sage came from a 4' pot I bought at the semi-annual Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center sale.
Another shot of the Amistad salvias on steroids.
 One of my Turk's caps -- 'Pam's pink.'
 Some pots on the back patio that I rolled out into the rain for a drink.
Even though they are delicate and hard to see, I love adding Euphorbia 'diamond frost' into pots for filler.
And again, a supremely hardy lantana - cherry bandana -- perky all the time.

Happy garden bloggers bloom day.  What's blooming in your garden?

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