Beautiful Westwind Farms vista -- the backdrop of a colorful prairie-style garden...

The scent emerging from rows and rows of lavender and other wildflowers wafted around us as we descended down a hillside path into the Westwind Farm Studio.

Incorporating a stunning vista, beautiful meadows, sculptures and a refreshing pool, this Garden, nestled in the hills outside of Portland, provided a refreshing stop during the Garden Bloggers Fling tour.
 The view beyond the majestic pines war beautiful.
 Rows and rows of lavender and other wildflowers marked our walk to the house and garden.

 The meadow frames this picture-perfect view.
 Swaths of flowers greet you as you enter the garden.
 Crocosmia were blooming in almost every garden that we toured in Portland.
 And we wouldn't want to forget the day lilies,
 or the monarda.
 A little toe dip felt very refreshing on this warm day.
 This sculpture was fascinating -- and perfectly paired with these blooms.

 On the hillside behind the pool more flowers weave a blanket of color.
All the garden bloggers were taken with the sculpture, including Ally of Garden Ally, one of the members of our Texas contingent.
 Pick your view from this side of the sculptural window.  This one...
 or this one...
The grasses and the seed heads and blooms billow with the hillside breezes.

 The view was as invigorating as the cool pool waters.
 Even the pool house bathroom came with an artistic touch.
 Great views of the gardens and the vista, both outside and in.
 The amazing backdrop goes on and on.

Nestled in a lovely hillside, this garden offered us a unique side of the Portland area.  It inspired and delighted us all. 

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