Hot art and design spice up Portland De Sousa Fling garden

Full to the brim with ideas and a mile-long wish list of plants that I know I can't grow here, I'm reacclimating to Austin and my own garden after 6 glorious days in Portland, OR.

My seventh Garden Bloggers Fling beckoned last weekend - with an agenda full of great friends, gardens, nurseries, and gift shops. 

The whirlwind started early and ended late and wowed me all day long every day.  Because there were so many gardens in every imaginable style - I just closed my eyes today and blindly picked one to begin my posting.

The JJ De Sousa garden was one of my favorites.  Hot colors created a riot of interest in the garden - plants and art and seating everywhere shouting "look at me, look at me."  The rich and sophisticated hues of tropical colors were designed to brighten the shady spots of this garden and to celebrate the hot, sunny spaces.

 This whimsical gate welcomes visitors.
 The colors of the tropics permeate everything in the garden, plants, pottery and decor.
 The plants looked happy and healthy everywhere I turned.  Ah, the benefits of some rain in the garden.

 Pots and gazing balls coordinate and contrast.
 The side garden ends with a fabulous wooden gate -- which leads to another pocket of paradise.
 Come on in, the party's in here!
 More whimsical art sets the mood for this garden.

 Every little nook and cranny was filled with some sweet something designed to delight the senses.
 This precious little statue is squirreling away succulents instead of seeds.
 This regal Egyptian dog statue comes down to earth with clematis and nasturtiums trailing all around.
 These tall, elegant vases, capped with aeonium, added a little note of sophistication.
 One of many seating areas that welcomed visitors to sit a spell.
Color joined texture in this garden -- smooth ceramic pots, gritty gray concrete and the sleek look of the corrugated tin made a cool combo.
 Ahhh - I could sit here for hours!
 And, a little humor.  Chicken nesting boxes now home to hens and chicks ... ha ha.
And just past the shrimp plant in this bed, a colorful stock tank water feature with a metal shrimp  sculpture and glass globes.  Look up whimsy in the dictionary -- this is the photo you'll find.

The same burst of colors that enriched the shady front garden, with a drier, sunnier twist.
 More whimsy around the corner.
 This Buddha statue, hidden among the trees, looked just like a giant gummi bear.
 There were little vignettes like this everywhere.

More color, radiating everywhere.
And back through the gate again.

This was one of many Portland gardens on the tour to feature trendy tropical-style colors and decor.  But beyond the design, this hot garden would brighten any cloudy day.  It certainly brightened mine.

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