Saturday, May 3rd, don't miss the Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2014 for inspiration & ideas

As they do every year, the Travis County Master Gardeners, have put together a great garden tour -- full of interesting and inspirational gardens for experienced and novice gardeners alike.

This year's tour - next Saturday, May 3rd from 9-4 should be on your calendar.

I was invited to preview the gardens with fellow garden bloggers last week, so I have some inside scoop for you here.  This is the first of two posts that will highlight the gardens. 

The first garden was that of Dugie and David Graham, high on a hill in north Austin where they deal with a serious slope and hungry deer.  Their garden was full of beautiful bones and hardscape that made the best of their landscape.

 A beautiful pond cascades down the back hillside, providing a home for plants, wildlife and art.

Stone beds with dappled shade make a lovely home for native and xeric plants.

 On a landing, this beautiful wooden table sits atop a creative stone floor.

Guarding the path down the hill, these columns with trellises provide beautiful and unique support for some stunning roses.

The second garden was Jerry Naiser's, owner of Real Green Pest and Lawn Service, Naiser's garden  is controlled by a highly sophisticated 32-zone drip irrigation system.  The system includes moisture sensors that enable him to provide just the right amount of water to each garden zone.

 This focal point as you enter the garden from the side yard is this dramatic trio of fiery fountains.

 With a very lush, tropical feel, the garden sports citrus trees, caladiums, cannas and grasses.
 Vegetables and annuals fill beds and vertical spaces as well.
 As you follow the bed around the back of the garden, this longhorn sculpture guards the entrance to the back patio area.

 A secluded seating area in the back corner of the garden is a hideaway for relaxing in hanging chairs and a hammock.

The covered patio off of the back of the house was transformed into this trendy outdoor kitchen, complete with flat screen tv.

The next landscape was that of Robin Howard Moore.  Her garden was a mix of traditional and eccelctic.  


 Alternately, tropical and cottage-style.

 With a few interesting focal points.
 Cobalt blue pots and a bottle brush tree added color and interest.

 A step back revealed the towering trees covering her beds.

This charming combination against a wall evoked an old-world feel.

Tomorrow, the rest of the beautiful gardens you can see on next week's tour.

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