Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mourning the garden - post ice storm

It's a sad day in the garden. Last night's freezing thunderstorms decimated all of our signs of spring.  All the beautiful new buds and blooms we've been enjoying in the warmer weather over the last few weeks are gone. 

This plum tree's tender new blooms are all toast.

This is what she looked like two days ago.
The blue bonnets will probably perk back up, but they are drooping under the weight of ice this morning.

The aralia looks miserable, but it will come back - it always does.
Even the winter-hardy quice blooms are all brown and wilted.
This ice looks very sculptural on this yucca rostrata; luckily it will be fine once it warms up.
I know we aren't suffering like our friends up north in the real polar vortex, but it's been a rough winter for us here, relatively speaking.  And it's a sad time for Texas gardeners.  Our spring won't just be late this year, we've lost most of the buds and blooms of spring for the year.


Kris Peterson said...

I read that these severe weather systems are getting stuck in place this year, resulting in a negative feedback loop of extreme conditions. Here in California, we've been plagued by drought but last week's storms broke the long dry cycle. Even though 2 storms don't solve our drought, I see them as a positive sign of a shift - I hope spring reaches you soon.

Caroline said...

I'm mourning over my floppy irises and snuffed-out Texas mountain laurel buds today. Hope the roses recover! Oddly, the boxwoods seem to have taken a big droopy hit - ice doesn't usually faze them. I hope we're done with winter!

Diana said...

Kris - That sounds about right. Every aspect of our weather is askew. We desperately need rain, too.

Caroline - My mountain laurels don't have buds yet, so I hope they won't be affected. Sorry you lost yours.

danger garden said...

It's too late in the season to have to suffer cold and ice like that, I'm so sorry! I know after our double shot of winter storms we're looking at an adjusted spring (meaning not the norm) sounds like you are too. Gardening is never dull and predictable is it?

Ally said...

Us poor gardeners are really taking a beating this winter. I'm very concerned for my fruit trees which were all in full bloom when the deep freeze hit. Perhaps a few late buds will provide this seasons fruit. Fingers crossed.

Diana said...

Danger Garden - You're right. It wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't already been 86! No, gardening is a constant challenge. And this just reminds me of my mantra - "I am not in charge!"

Ally - Hope you have some later blooms, too. I guess only time will tell - but I am encouraged that the daffodils (all but 1 kind) have perked up again this morning.

Laura said...

Sorry about the blooms.This freeze was rough on my garden too, but my daffodils also perked up this morning, definitely a good sign.