Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hope in the winter garden...

After a bout of self-pity stemming from an ice storm the night before last, I decided to venture out in the 39-degree morning in search of hope in my garden.

And I found it.

Of course, I'm not surprised that this hellebore is still stunning.  Hellebores grow happily in the snow up north, so our cold snaps this winter probably invigorated mine.

This one, Helleborus 'green gambler,' is a fast grower and usually has some burgundy spotting, veining, or picotee on each bloom.   The picotee is the edge that is a different color than the flower's main color.

Because they droop, it's almost impossible to get an upright photo of the blooms.  I wasn't able to get one this morning - I was afraid I'd snap the stem while trying to push it up far enough for a good picture. I think this is the most stunning part of the bloom, anyway. And there is another bud right behind this bloom, so I'll be keeping a close eye on it.

I have 4 other kinds of hellebore in my garden.  Other than 'Phoebe,' which is the most established,  they haven't all been consistent bloomers.

I hope our harsh winter reveals a silver lining of hellebore blooms in my garden this spring.

That is, after all, what gardening is all about, isn't it?


Ally said...

I haven't been brave enough to look yet. I have a Scarlet Buckeye that I've been growing since it was a 6 inch tall stick. The plant is finally big enough to bloom and this is the year. It was nearly blooming when the freeze hit. Later today I'll be out in the garden, eyes covered, looking through the finger cracks :)

Diana said...

I get the finger cracks thing. I'll be keeping an eye on a lot of things WHEN the weather warms back up again. I hope this was our last freeze - but I'm secretly afraid we will get another one.

Cat said...

I like that you found some optimism and beautiful it is! My Scarlet Buckeye's leaves were frozen horizontally...they actually froze as the wind blew them. So sad. I'm not sure what's going to happen to the blooms on that little tree. I like winter and I've remained optimistic until this last freeze messed with my Buckeye!

Rock rose said...

I think this weather will make better gardeners out of us, don't you? Gardeners don't let things like this get them down. I'm looking closely at what survived the freeze following all those warm days. Surely this has to be an aberration.

Diana said...

Cat - I'm sorry about your buckeye - it's so hard to watch it happen and be unable to stop it.

Rock rose - It does make us better gardeners. I'll think about this cold winter for at least a year when I'm planning things, but then I'll forget for a year or two until the next cold one comes along!

Maxie Spunky said...

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