No lack of gardening chores, even in winter weather...

We've had some uncharacteristically cold days and nights in Central Texas this year.  Winter arrived early and didn't let up. 

I'll admit, I do enjoy a little garden break.  But the garden still beckons me when the sun comes out and the weather warms just a little. 

As I look out, I see:

(don't those look terrible?)

But I also see:

I know what comes next, do you?  The rationalizing...

I think ... oh, I still have plenty of time go take care of those chores ... oh, it's still pretty cold out - I don't really want to be out there yet ... oh, I should be doing indoor organizing chores ...

You know the drill, I know you do.  Don't those things go through your head as well?

Ah, the peace of winter and the promise of spring. (And just a little smidge of the guilt of gardening!)