More exotic blooms from Thailand - Chiang Mai Orchid Farm

 One of my favorite ventures during our trip to Thailand was the tour of the orchid farm outside of Chiang Mai, which is in the mountains of northern Thailand.  When we walked in, my dear husband handed me the camera and went of to entertain the girl and leave me to my orchid oggling.
 There were rows and rows of them, in every possible color, size and shape.  I was actually a little nervous that I'd get lost in there.

 I have a lot of variegated shell ginger in my garden, but this sealed the deal for me - I will be getting some other gingers to add to the mix.

 There was a little cafe to sit and have a snack or a drink, but I was too focused to stop!
 Carvings and intricate architectural details greeted us everywhere we went.

 The raised stepping stones will make passage through the rows of orchids possible when the monsoons come this month.

 I was fascinated by the propagation areas and their growing of the orchids in tiny glass jars.

 I'm not sure why there was a collection of cool old cars there, but they added character to the farm.
 They also had information on display to educate visitors about growing orchids.

So now I have serious orchid envy.  I may have to try, again, to keep an orchid alive for more than a few months!

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