Summer comes early to Central Texas gardens...

Although it's technically still spring, we've already had our first 100-degree day here in Central Texas. That means our tough-as-nails perennials are being asked to show their stuff. Many of them are answering the call in my garden this week.
Thryallis, euonymous, salvia greggii, Mexican oregano, lamb's ears, dianella, indigo spires salvia and Mexican feathergrass surround this agave franzosini with soft, billowing blooms.
This pineapple guava is full of stunning blooms that will soon turn into a yummy snack for us (if the dogs don't get them before we do!)
Pops of yellow and blue fill this bed with the octopus agave in the cobalt blue pot.  New gold lantana, mealy blue sage, mystic spires salvia, zexmenia and Mexican feather grass love these hot, sunny days.
The show put on by the grey santolina with its tiny, button-like blooms is beautiful.  In the background, salvia greggii, Mexican oregano, thryallis and a few tiny orange narrow-leaf zinnias I just planted.  I could only locate 4 plants, so they are going to have to hurry up and spread fast to make the orange border for the santolina!
One of my all-time favorites, indigo spires salvia is such a vivid purple and blooms all summer long under the worst conditions.
This falls under the category of "I never dreamed this would get this big."  This Mexican oregano in a raised bed in the full hot sun is clearly in its element.  It is 10 feet wide!
These poolside day lilies just started blooming this week.
One of my favorite combinations -- these pale peachy-coral gladiolas provide a beautiful backdrop for the native Texas clematis pitcheri that's showing off dozens of purple blooms.

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