Bottle brush blooms are amazing...

As I was making the rounds through the garden this evening, I was struck by the uplighting into the bottle brush tree, Callistemon rigidus.

I have been overwhelmed by the healthy, growth and year-round blooms on this tree.  With a growth habit of 10-12 feet, it is drought-tolerant and attracts bees, butterflies and birds.
This is the freeze replacement tree from Bottlebrush tree #1.  Then the next bad freeze came and wiped this one out.  Or so I thought.  It came back from the roots after last winter and I let it grow like that for a little while to determine what the trunks would look like.  Then I began to prune it up like a small multi-trunked tree, instead of a bushy shrub.  It's worked out really well and I think I like it even more than the original single trunk.
I like the softness of the flowing bottle brush next to the structural rigidity of the blue agave.
A peek as the blooms first begin to emerge from the buds.
The buds look a little like alien fingers reaching out to you, don't you think?
Just look at all those blooms. I did have to share space with the bees while I was taking pictures.
Then a last shot of the blooms up against the eerie color of the sky at dusk.

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