Bulbs and bores ... hellebores, that is

The promise of spring bursts from the irises in my garden today. This clump of stunning blooms, passalongs from Pam Penick, of Digging, has come into its own this year.  She calls them Shoshanna's irises, named for a friend who passed them along to her.
Last week, I was lamenting that our exceptionally warm winter didn't do my hellebores any favors.  There were no blooms in sight and with a heavy sigh I gave up hope of flowers for this year.  Less than a week later - voila!  Blooms galore.  She must have known I was sad.
 You can see here that she was trying to hide those buds and blooms - like hellebores do -- but I helped Phoebe posed for photos this morning so you could see her.
Any hellebores in your garden?

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