Monday, March 4, 2013

Bulbs and bores ... hellebores, that is

The promise of spring bursts from the irises in my garden today. This clump of stunning blooms, passalongs from Pam Penick, of Digging, has come into its own this year.  She calls them Shoshanna's irises, named for a friend who passed them along to her.
Last week, I was lamenting that our exceptionally warm winter didn't do my hellebores any favors.  There were no blooms in sight and with a heavy sigh I gave up hope of flowers for this year.  Less than a week later - voila!  Blooms galore.  She must have known I was sad.
 You can see here that she was trying to hide those buds and blooms - like hellebores do -- but I helped Phoebe posed for photos this morning so you could see her.
Any hellebores in your garden?


Lea said...

I love hellebores!
I noticed my first bud right after Christmas. They were blooming in time for the GBBD on January 15. Not only are they beautiful, they hold their blooms for a long time. Mine are still very pretty now two months after the first bud appeared.
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Tons of them right now, but no iris.~~Dee

Caroline said...

Oh, please share your hellebore blooming secret. I've had one in the ground for 2-3 years and it's never bloomed.

getgrounded said...

So odd, isn't it, to have Hellebores and Iris blooming at the same time! Our gardens are so confused in the drought. That Hellebore is gorgeous, as are the fuschia shade of those Iris. We might need to do an Iris swap :) Awesome pics.

Ally said...

I don't have any hellebores, but I have wondered how this plant would do here in Central Texas. What growing conditions does it have in your garden?

katina said...

wow - are those Shoshanna irises really that bright?

Ginny said...

Two hellebores blooming and would love more. No irises in bloom yet, though. Mine usually bloom at the end of April or early May. Yours are gorgeous!

Janet QueenofSeaford said...

Love the color of that Iris, very pretty. They also match your Hellebores, which are lovely.

Diana said...

Lea - I love them, too, but they sure like to hide those flowers!

Dee - I also have cemetary iris and amethyst flames blooming. The Louisiana irises are always late here.

Caroline - many of mine didn't bloom last year, so I have no clue! I don't do anything with them.

Getgrounded - Always happy to share!

Ally - it's in part shade in a bed where it gets a little extra shot of water with my hose when I fill the bird bath fountain. My neighbor has hers in part shade and doesn't water much and they are doing great, too.

Katina - They are that bright this year. They are loving the morning sun in that spot.

Ginny - which hellebores do you have? Discovered one on another plant today and about to post it!

Janet -- That big clump of irises is the biggest I have and I love how dramatic they look. I have others in too much shade and will be finding new, sunny spots for them this fall!