Winter vegetable harvest -- grow delicious kale

Vegetable gardening feeds my desire to buy and grow unusual plants. I love watching interesting varieties of common plants put on a show in my garden. 

This year I grew kale for the first time -- Red Russian, which boasts beautiful red leaf stalks and tender twisting intricate green leaves, and Red Ursa -- which is red all over and has tight, tiny curls like a perm left in too long!

If you've been wanting to add edibles to your perennial landscape beds - these varieties are the perfect addition.  If you don't have to worry about deer or other critters getting them, that is.

They look so pretty in the garden.

And even better picked an in a bowl ready for washing!
I sauteed a leek from the garden with a little bit of bacon drippings, then added the washed and wet kale.  I put a little salt, pepper and chicken base in the pot with a little extra water and covered them and let them steam for a while -- maybe 30 minutes. 

They were delicious.  I think we can get another meal or two out of the plants before I pull them to make room for the four tomatillos biding their time in the greenhouse until our danger of frost has passed.

What are you eating out of your garden now?

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