Spring garden project ...before, during and during...

It's time for spring garden projects -- time to implement the ideas that have been percolating over the winter, waiting for sunny days and a fresh, new start.

A section of my landscape has been sad for several seasons.  It wasn't quite what I wanted and most of the plants just wouldn't grow anymore.  Lantana wasn't growing, for heaven's sake.  What does that tell you?!

So,  this week, we (the royal we - meaning I had help!) dug up the strip of grass designed as a contrast, shoveled up the existing rock to make a more natural-looking dry creek, brought in a yard of soil and turned up what little existing soil was there -- some of which was caliche and some was actually road base, left by the construction workers when they built the house 12 years ago.  Seriously?  You just dumped it here?

I planted a row of bright edge yuccas and some mystic spires salvia along with a firecracker fern.  There are still some Mexican mint marigold there, along with some blackfoot daisies that are going to have to move, but I had to look at them with the other plants to make decisions about what to do with them.

So, it's not done-done, but it's pretty close and I've got a good sense of what I'll do next. 

When it comes to spring projects, are you still plotting or planting?

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