Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall color in the Central Texas garden

The fall color in my garden this week isn't from autumnal leaves on trees, it's from a nice 1.5 inch rain last week and a few days and nights of cooler temperatures.

These zinnias have a whole fresh set of flowers.
All the perennials shrubs and wildflowers are flush with blooms.  Not just fall colors - all colors.

The firecracker gomphrena I planted just a month ago is spreading and has made the transplant with flying colors.

I guess the change of seasons is making them happy and giving them some relief.

These wildflowers just popped up in my cutting garden.  They reseeded from somewhere into a mass clump of perky yellow blooms.
My carefree beauty rose is dotted with pretty pink blooms and the deep purple indigo spires make a lovely contrast.

I was surprised to find the Japanese quince in bloom - it must have happened over night when I wasn't paying attention.

The lackluster purple hyacinth bean vine, which has struggled all summer long - is finally showing off.

The change of seasons makes me happy, too. 


Shirley said...

Beautiful colors, fall flowers are so pretty in Texas after the heat of summer.

Diana said...

Yes, Shirley - the fall really is rejuvenating for us after the heat.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Great color for this time of year!! Does your Quince usually bloom in the fall? Mine blooms in the spring.
That Gomphrena is great, and it spreads?? whoa...adding it to the list, love that color.

Diana said...

Janet - Mine blooms in the spring, but it also seems to bloom when we have really strange weather. Our rains and cool snap were really out of place or after the long,hot drought and we're finding lots of plants that bloom in shock to try to keep their life cycle going. It's all weird!

kacky said...

Love the change of seasons as well. And the cooler weather (as long as it sticks around)... I walked by the Texas Red Bud and it was starting to bloom.... what???? I guess it is confused like your Quince!! Great shots!!

Linda/patchwork said...

A lot of things must be confused. Our Cedar Elms are blooming, and quit dropping leaves. Very strange.

The cool weather is great, though.

Diana said...

Kacky - It's ok, I kinda like confused plants when it means they bloom again when they aren't supposed to!

Linda - I wish my cedar elm would quit dropping its 10 million seeds because of course that means I will have about 5 million seedlings come spring!